Eye-Fi of Toshiba: World first Wireless SD card Launch

toshiba wireless sdcard.jpg
Toshiba is announced the world's first WiFi-enabled SD memory card, the company announced today at the IFA consumer technology show in Berlin.

The new FlashAir card looks outwardly like a standard SDHC memory card and weighs in at a measly 2g. It will initially be available in a capacity of 8GB

Being able to send images and video straight from camera to social media sites or computer seems to us the next logical step in camera memory. Eye-Fi already make use of some very similar technology which sees its cards being able to upload pictures to websites like Flickr.

The cards will be compatible with the 802.11n wireless standard, and backwards-compatible with the b and g variants. Security is provided by WEP, TKIP and AES encryption (WPA and WPA2).

Toshiba is currently seeking Wi-Fi certification for FlashAir in Japan, North America and Europe, and says the first FlashAir cards will go on sale in February 2012. via thinq

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