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Solid Aluminuim floats in the air while Melting

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Watch the video a Solid Aluminuim floats in the air while Melting. On the video you can see the alu...

America's Fattest State in 2012 is Mississippi

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Mississippi is the fattest state in America according to the result of the latest statistical analysis of data from the Centers for Disease ...

Google Doodle — Nicolas Steno's 374th Birthday

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Google Homepage Mark 374th Birthday of Danish pioneer in both anatomy and geology, Nicolas Steno. ...

Salmon SPERM DNA used in Data Storage Device

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Salmon DNA used source of cheap DNA — Sperm in many fishes is produced in massive amounts, and is a ...

Cures For Hangovers is Blowfish Tablet

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Are you looking for a remedy for hangovers? When not help liter of water, a hearty breakfast and ...

WiFi Health Effect You Should Know

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A computer with a wireless Internet connection hurts sperm, but not because the machine can heat up...

NASA Mars rover Curiosity Video Launch

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Nasa Launches the Mars Rover Curiosity . Watch video here via NASAtelevision

Scientists developed lightest strongest material on Earth

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A team of engineers claims to have created the world’s lightest material. The substance is made out...

Tiangong-1 Chinese Space Lab pilot with Female Astronauts, Set to Launch

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Tiangong-1 Chinese Space Lab-Module Aboard with Female Astronauts set to launch this week. The She...

Saturn Sandia's Workhorse Pulsed-Power machine fires 75 trillion watts of X-rays

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Saturn, Sandia's workhorse pulsed-power machine fires 75 trillion watts of X-rays and delivers h...

MicroGen Systems develop Long Lifetime Energy-Harvesting Chips

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MicroGen Systems is constructing energy-harvesting chips designed to power wireless sensors lik...